About the Group

Mission, Vision and Values


Providing comprehensive solutions in the markets where we have a presence, supported by the expertise and experience acquired as goods suppliers and service providers, in highly-demanding, complex sectors.

Offering customers absolute value-for-money products that contribute positively to meeting their needs at the right price.

Building a lasting relationship with customers, supported by constantly striving to perfect and improve the quality of services provided, with reference to best practice in the sectors in which it operates.



Grupo Entreposto's main guiding principle for its strategy is to establish itself as a benchmark group in the countries and sectors in which it operates.

As a tool for implementing the Strategy, the holding company's Board of Directors established a Certification of Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems, as aims for the Group's operating companies to follow.



Trust - We value trustfull relationships between employees, customers and partners;

Competency - We sponsor the competency of our employees in order to provide high quality products and services to our customers;

Ambition - We invest in several business areas, regions and countries. Our intent is to consolidate the current businesses and go beyond;

Dynamism - We support constant change and innovation to meet the market's requirements and evolution.