Latest review: 24 October 2018 (2nd version)

Grupo Entreposto privacy policy complies with the rules of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and Council, dated 27 April 2016. 

Responsible for data processing

Entreposto Serviços – Gestão de Serviços Gerais, S.A. (Entreposto Serviços) is the entity responsible for personal data processing in all of Grupo Entreposto affiliates, making sure that it is done according to the Law.

Legal Basis and purposes of your personal data processing

Under the RGPD, all data processing activities must be legitimised by a legal basis. In this context, Entreposto Serviços and all affiliates of Grupo Entreposto, shall only use your data for the following purposes:

  • Compliance with contractual and pre-contractual obligation
    • Management of the contractual and pre-contractual relation with our customers, which includes feedback to your questions and/or claims, calls for administrative reasons, vehicles and machinery registration and related procedures;
    • Providing assistance, warranty management, travel assistance services;
    • Providing information on technical campaigns, IPO date
    • Carry out product field actions.
    • Job applications.
  • Legitimate interest, by Grupo Entreposto companies, namely in customizing and improving the customer’s experience through the improvement and development of the products and services provided:
    • Products and services marketing and communication;
    • Management and customer loyalty by conducting satisfaction surveys related to the purchase of vehicles, machinery and equipment or provision of assistance services;
    • Claim management;
    • Collection of statistics and consumer profile analysis.

Compliance with legal obligations,

  • Responding to request for information regarding legal proceedings or requests from administrative authorities or other third parties, to detect and prevent fraud or to protect your interests or third parties’.

 Consent, if it has been expressly given

  • Conduction of market studies and surveys, except for what is justified by a legitimate interest;

Conduction of customer commercial profiling and segmentation analysis based on the processing of biographical information, of the vehicle and use of the brand’s services, which enable to know or anticipate

Collected data

Collected personal data are reported at the time of collection and may be as follows:

  • Contact Information: Name, Address, Mobile number, E-mail.
  • Personal Information: Date of Birth, Marital Status, Household, Occupation, Bank Data.
  • Identification Data: Tax Identification Number, citizen’s card number, customer number, contract number, among other.
  • Vehicle Registration.

Rights of data subjects

Data subjects have the right, at any time and free of charge, with Entreposto Serviços to:

  • Have access to their data;
  • Ask for amendment of their data;
  • Ask for anonymization or deletion of their data;
  • Ask for limitation of their data processing;
  • Oppose their data processing;
  • Request portability of their data, to an entity designated by him;
  • As for explanation on their data processing.

These rights may be exercised to the following e-mail addresses, according to the corresponding business area:

Vehicles (Entreposto Auto) -

Machinery (Entreposto Máquinas) -

Logistics (Entreposto Logística/Slog) -

Car auctions (SLR, Sociedade de Leilões) -

Porsche Centre (Entreposto V.D.) -

General (Entreposto Serviços) -

Or by mail to Entreposto Serviços – Gestão de Serviços Gerais, S.A., Av. Dr. Francisco Luís Gomes, No. 1, 3th floor, 1800-177 Lisbon.

Data Transfer

The affiliates of Grupo Entreposto carry out the processing of personal data in their own name but they can also do that on behalf and representation of third parties, in the following situations: (1) on behalf of the national distributor of the brand of your vehicle, your machine, your equipment or parts acquired by you; (2) on behalf of financial institutions; (3) on behalf of insurers; (4) due to compliance with legal obligations to provide information requested by official entities; (5) tax, customs or other entities, in the context of procedures relating to the attribution of tax benefits, destruction of end-of-life vehicles or similar ones.

As a result of the previous paragraph, the affiliates of Grupo Entreposto may transmit your data to other affiliates of the same Group, to distributors in Portugal of new vehicle brands , machinery or equipment purchased by you and to the corresponding manufacturers, insurers, financial entities, official entities and end-of-life vehicle scrapping centres.

In situations not covered in the previous paragraph, we will not disclose your personal data, unless we have your express consent.

Should your personal data be shared with entities not located in the European Economic Area, the affiliates of Grupo Entreposto guarantee that they are obliged to comply with European legislation on the protection of personal data.


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Security of data

Grupo Entreposto implements technical and organizational measures appropriate to ensure the security of users’ personal data, in accordance with the Law.

Privacy Policy Changes

If deemed appropriate, Grupo Entreposto may update its Privacy Policy. Therefore, you should check it from time to time, in order to keep informed about how we protect your personal data. The use of the services provided in this site sets acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy and any updates thereto.

Data storage period

We will keep your personal data for a period of 10 years, which we consider to be the minimum required for the purposes they are intended for and it corresponds to the legal term set for keeping accounting documents.

Right of complaint with the supervisory authority

If you consider that your data are not being processed in accordance with applicable European and national law, you have the right to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority, namely the National Data Protection Commission - CNPD (Rua de São Bento No. 148-3º 1200-821 Lisbon - Tel: +351 213928400 - Fax: +351 213976832 - e-mail: