ACAP, the association that represents the automotive sector in Portugal, has implemented a series of initiatives to minimize the impact of the crisis resulting from the pandemic, the "Sanitary Protocol" being the most relevant measure and which allowed policy makers to assure that companies were prepared to guarantee the safety of their employees, partners and customers and, thus, could open doors in early May, as it happened.

Following this protocol, a "Safe Company" Stamp was created, made available free of charge to the associated companies, including the Entreposto Auto entities, to be placed in a visible area outside the premises. This guarantees compliance with the "Sanitary Protocol" for the automobile sector, which has been validated by the DGS (the Portuguese General Health Department), or with protocols drawn up by the companies, provided these are in line with the legislation in force, and which reinforces consumers' confidence, allowing them to resume consumption routines without any fears of contamination.

The digital version, also designed by the same entity, can be used on digital platforms, such as websites, or in general communication, allowing a uniform and more robust spread of the message.

In order to ensure that companies comply with the essential aspects of the legislation/Protocol, ACAP promotes flash, random and free audits, with prior authorization from companies, thus reinforcing the value of this "Stamp" to the consumer.

As regards the Entreposto Group in particular, all the companies in the Auto network bear the "Stamp" of compliance.